Action Alert: Support H.4603, "An Act to Protect Pollinator Habitat"

Just as we need good nutrition to stay healthy, so do bees. Pollinator decline is driven by the interaction of multiple stressors. Poor diet can lead to lower immune function and, as indicated in this recent article, increased sensitivity to pesticides. Other research has found that fungicide exposure is correlated with increased disease, potentially because of distruptions in bees’ natural gut microbiota.

It’s never been clearer that we need high quality habitat, free of pesticides, for our pollinators and other insects.

In Massachusetts, Rep. Keefe’s bill H.4603 “An Act to Protect Pollinator Habitat” has advanced to the House Ways and Means Committee! This bill would establish a commission to study how our state can better support pollinator health and increase habitat. We want to make sure this moves to the House floor for a vote! Please call or write to your legislators to convery your support for H.4603 and **ask them to tell House Ways and Means leadership to move this bill out of committee.**

Click here to read a letter from Representative Keefe to advocates!

Our Mission:

Pollinators face many challenges, from habitat loss to pesticides, but there is a groundswell of public interest in protecting their populations and the ecosystem services they provide. The mission of the MA Pollinator Network (MAPN) is to expand pollinator habitat and reduce the use of pesticides through creation of a statewide network that connects and supports the growing number of individuals, communities, organizations, and research groups working to protect pollination systems across the Commonwealth.

Toward these broader objectives, MAPN will:

  • strengthen existing partnerships and facilitate new collaborations to accomplish shared goals;
  • provide the public, including activists and advocates, with the resources they need to succeed in their efforts;
  • promote native plants, especially those needed by at-risk native pollinators;
  • work with professionals in plant cultivation, landscaping, and nurseries to increase the availability of native plants;
  • advocate for local, state, and national policy reforms that protect and enhance biodiversity, including critical pesticide reform legislation;
  • engage in public education and outreach to raise awareness about the individual and collective actions that will promote healthy and diverse pollinator populations.

Together, we will protect and expand pollinator habitats and reduce the use of biocides in landscapes across the Commonwealth!

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